Mother teachers

My neighbor children came by for a visit today while I was busy with some typical Sunday house chores – laundry, cleaning and cooking. They picked up their feet as I maneuvered the broom around the legs of the table and chairs and I smiled with amusement recalling my own childhood memories of my mom mopping our kitchen floors, paper towels under her feet, while I sat on the sofa in the living room watching.

Here in St Vincent on this wet, rainy Mother’s day I’ve been filled with emotion as I reflect on the many teachings we receive from our mothers. From mine I’ve learned independence, strength and spiritual faith, despite some critical differences in opinions and beliefs; while I also recognize in her where my less desirable qualities like absent-mindedness, clutter around the house, and nervous laughter were inherited.  But she has also been a pillar of inspiration in some of the most challenging life lessons of healing and forgiveness, for which a daughter in her coming of age years must be endlessly grateful as she encounters her own difficulties on a personal journey that she herself has chosen with the freedom and blessings granted to her by her life’s blood.

This week that journey presented some of the most gratifying communal experiences in the nurturing presence of our Nature Mother, whose highest teachings are available for all of us to receive, as long as we are present and open. In a mission to record the visual and energetic stimuli of different heritage nature sites in St Vincent and Bequia, I joined the heART room family as we embarked on the first steps toward erecting an historic Kingstown mural representing the country’s unique and mystical offerings. Brought together by this creative opportunity to express and offer a shared love for the islands, I was moved and inspired by the dedication and sense of community that came forth from the youth participating in this endeavor. Each site, while unique in its cultural significance to SVG, is rooted in nature and each individual in the group seamlessly found her/his connection to the sacredness of the environment as we all worked hard to document our personal experiences.

In this way of being with and observing her gifts, Mother Earth teaches us in whispers of the wind through trees, in the gentle touch of the water in the sea, and in the majestic wisdom of emerald mountain rainforests that what is most precious to us is that we are all connected to her, that we are all one and that it is our urgent responsibility to protect and share her gifts for the greater good.


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  1. Shannon
    May 15, 2012 @ 02:23:47

    Beautiful post!


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