Isle of Spice

After spending a few days on Union island for the Easterval festivities, Katie and I travelled by sea to our neighbors in Grenada by way of their sister island, Carriacou. In Carriacou we explored the town and enjoyed Paradise (beach, that is) before hopping on a rain-soaked Osprey ferry ride that would deliver us to Grenada proper.

Arriving towards the Spice Isle, the rain let up just in time for us to take in the breathtaking views of the leeward coast as we sailed south toward St. George’s. Nearing the journey’s end we were gifted the sight of an enormous arc of a rainbow which seemed to touch and extend beyond both sky and sea. It was a remarkable way to be welcomed to a new country for the first time.

Our three days in Grenada were packed with activities that gave us an opportunity to observe and appreciate the island’s majestic beauty and the level of creative consciousness that is being cultivated by its people. We hopped in a hired van on day one with some other PCVs and their visitors for a tour of the island and visited a local rum distillery (where we learned that it is impermissible to travel out of the country with bottles of rum higher than a 69% alcohol content, though bottles of higher contents are sold), an abandoned and defunct airport site from the 1983 American invasion, the Grenada Chocolate Company (which was also home to monkeys, parrots and a mango-eating tortoise), the Concord waterfalls amidst the hills of the island’s interior, and some other fun stops along the way. Later that evening I got a chance to catch some dance vibes as I tagged along to our host PCV Stephanie’s regular modern/folk dance practice held at the UWI open campus.

Some of the other highlights of the trip included Yoga class at the La Luna resort and their chocolate-coffee-milk deliciousness enjoyed in quadruplets, happy hour waterfront rum punches and family style dinner with volunteers and friends at Patrick’s, the Women Make Art Exhibition which featured all female artists living and working in the Caribbean and abroad, and a hike in the Grand Etang National Park with unbelievable views of the island’s interior and coasts. There was also the denim-clad itinerant at Yellow’s bar who taught me how to hover a beer bottle in the corner of a room and then proceeded to demonstrate a raunchy dance for me and a few others before we noticed he had a giant hole in the crotch of his overalls and he wasn’t wearing any underwear… Despite the many differences, St Vincent and Grenada have a lot in common too….

Now it’s back to my life in Vincy time to take on the rest of the school year. Feeling re-energized by the euphoria of post-travel fatigue that will keep me thinking about the isle of spice for a while.

Pictures to come…


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  1. Shannon
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 23:23:09

    Can’t wait to see the pictures, mmm…just mabe not the ones from Yellow’s bar, LOL!


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