Fresh toes

I’ve officially passed the point at which I’ve gone from counting how long I’ve been here, and switched to counting down the time I’ve got left. In about seven months, I’ll be sprung from the throes of accountability to Big Brother, i.e. the United States Government, and will return to the life of being a normal civilian – free to drive vehicles, hop on a plane or boat and spend the night away from home without the fear of getting ‘fired’ or being expected to report such things to my APCD (who also happens to be my neighbor). Whether or not I will be back in America, I’m still not completely sure, but I’ve been getting some recurring advice from returned volunteers about how to prepare for the transition. “Don’t go straight into your next big thing,” they’ve told me, “Take time to process your experiences and decompress.”

So decompress I shall, quite possibly in another warm beautiful place by the sea, and reminding myself of this advice takes quite a bit of pressure off of the feeling that I need to figure out my next steps, like, yesterday and keep my focus on the here and now.

Seeing that the here and now have been quite hectic, putting off future plans is really a good idea for the time being. I’ve been busy for the last few months working on Serious Ting – a biannual magazine published by Peace Corps Volunteers in the Eastern Caribbean. Taking on the new issue has been a great way to connect with folks all around the six islands in our region, and to collaborate on a big project that we can all be proud of. It should be distributed online and around the islands by the first week of April, and it’s something I’m crazy excited to share with everyone.

With that and the other projects I’ve got going on, the first couple months of the year have flown by. Randomly I’ll document the moments I know I’ll want to remember, though in the controlled chaos of my daily life the documentation of events occur in scattered frames of mind.

Today I found this scribbled on a post-it:

“It makes my toes feel like they’re fresh. (Cracking them.)”

Sheridon said this when we shared a yoga practice one afternoon. Luckily, there are other times when we’re more prepared to capture awesome moments.

Thanks to Courtney for snapping this image. Open hearts and giant smiles.

One love.


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