Hats off to reading

Students, parents, and teachers, accompanied by the Rose Bank drumming group, marched together through the streets of North Leeward on the morning of Friday 25th February in an effort to promote reading and literacy. This activity marked the final day of Chateaubelair Methodist School’s participation in “Hats Off to Reading” week.

Throughout the term, teachers worked together to plan and implement the school’s week-long campaign to promote reading. A programme was developed in January by the Literacy Committee to encourage school-wide participation in literacy-focused activities from the 21st-25th of February. These activities also promoted the students’ development in creative expression through writing poems, healthy reading habits during silent and oral reading, and critical thinking in story modification exercises.

The week concluded with Friday’s literacy march, followed by an afternoon of performances by the classrooms. Students wore handmade hats and carried signs with slogans about the importance of reading. Principal Edmie Charles stated that the day’s activities had been the most successful part of literacy week, but that the classroom activities had given students the opportunity to prepare for Friday’s performances. “Poetry day was also successful. They were able to make different kinds of poems, which brought out their creativity and makes them more aware that poetry can be so much fun,” said Mrs. Charles.

Grade 5 teacher Jeffrey White commented on how the afternoon programme served as an opportunity for students to showcase their work: “[the students] were able to express themselves in songs and poems that they wrote. They were involved and enjoyed what they did during the performances, and they explored their talents.”

The atmosphere of the auditorium was one of excitement and support as the audience cheered on the performers. Their songs, poems, and stories captured the attention of the crowd as the youth beamed with pride in letting their voices be heard. The various presentations were a testament to the creative and imaginative power of these children, whilst pervading a common underlying message echoing St. Vincent’s plea for support in literacy education country-wide.


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  1. Kimie
    Feb 28, 2011 @ 19:09:08

    Very nice!!!


  2. Harriet Linskey
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 14:59:23

    Wonderful photos of the kids and what a great spirit in Chateaubelair! Well done, Camille.


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