Six month musings

Days turn into weeks, and weeks into months. Already half a year has passed since this journey began. The air is cooler and the humidity more scarce, but the days are basically as long as they were when we arrived last August. An endless summer does exist and it is here in the lush green rolling coastlines of St. Vincent.

Time goes by as this roller coaster continues. They said it would be amazing; they were right. They also said it would be hard… that’s true too. I’ve found myself feeling challenged and frustrated, inspired and productive, empowered and defeated. This journey is one with its highlights and hardships and to experience it all fully is a lesson in life.

This transition has made me question my beliefs, my values, and my identity, uncovering fears and vulnerability that I didn’t know existed within me. Finding the inner strength and courage to continue moving forward has become part of the journey, a lesson I know I’ll remember.

Connecting with the youth continues to be a grounding force and reminder of why I’m here. Inspiration comes from sharing experiences with them, as I find myself humbled by their resilience while I’m blessed by watching them grow and learn. More than it is my job, giving these children opportunities for new experiences is my expression of gratitude for all they are teaching and sharing with me.

Community comes together to support the youth at Sports Day

Hula hooping competition

Grade 3 proudly showing name art

Contemplating her discovery

Collaborative youth artwork for the EiiR Children’s Art Competition


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  1. Linda
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 00:24:24

    Can you believe it? It was half a year ago that I was saying “see you later.” A short time yet enough to make such a difference in how our lives are currently. Transitions are hard so be proud of yourself and all that you’ve accomplished so far, because I am!


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